Weight Management University™

Weight Management University™ is the cornerstone of our weight loss curriculum.

Arm yourself with knowledge about all aspects of weight loss and long term weight management with Weight Management University™ offered exclusively at Dr. Clark’s Center for Weight Loss Success.

Weight Management University™ is presented one chapter at a time and coupled with individualized counseling and realistic assignments. The courses and individualized attention give you the ability to change your negative weight loss behaviors into positive new lifelong habits. You receive all the materials and support you need for long-term weight loss success.

In addition, your counseling sessions (either on-site, via the telephone or telehealth) which complement and reinforce the material from Weight Management University, will help you identify and overcome your barriers to weight loss success. Our experts will teach you coping strategies that will guide your success. We will hold you accountable, teach you awareness and encourage you every step of the way.

Get ready for an exciting journey of self discovery and success as you earn your weight loss degree through Weight Management University™!

Program Includes:

Weight Management University™ program. 

       Includes immediate access to 14 modules of training (written material & videos) conveniently available via your online membership site (access to all materials available and downloadable for continued use). You can move at your own pace or follow the step-by-step program instructions you will receive via e-mail for accountability and easy to follow guidance.  See reverse side for details.

6 Individual Counseling Sessions for added guidance and accountability


BONUS Losing Weight USA membership

      Puts you on the fast track to quicker results and provides direct access to one of the most   experienced  bariatric surgeons and bariatricians in the United States! Dr. Clark’s interactive weekly webinars cover topics filled with information on how to increase your weight loss efforts. Be ready with your questions...he has answers!  Each week also brings you new tip sheets, recipes and fitness ideas.  Visit www.LosingWeightUSA.com for full details.

BONUS Weekly Lifestyle & Behavior Modification “How To” Online Classes

Learn not only what to do, but more importantly ‘how to do it’ with these proven strategies.

BONUS Recipes, Meal Planning & Journaling Templates (PDF), Online Healthy Recipe Book (PDF) and Carbohydrate Counter Tool (PDF) Remove the mystery of counting carbs!

BONUS—Getting Started package (Sample of Weight and Inches meal replacement shake and protein snack bar)



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